Case Study: Successful Sectional Dismantling in a Historic Cemetery
This is a photo of stump removal carried out in New Romney. All works are being undertaken by New Romney Tree Surgeons

Introduction: Historic cemeteries hold a special place in our communities, often serving as serene resting places for the departed and a testament to our cultural heritage. However, managing the trees within these sacred grounds can present unique challenges. In this case study, we will explore how New Romney Tree Surgeons successfully executed a sectional dismantling project in a historic cemetery, showcasing our commitment to preserving the environment and the memory of those interred in this sacred space.


  • The Challenge: Aging Trees in a Historic Setting

Our case study begins with a historic cemetery dating back over a century, graced with mature trees that had stood watch over generations of residents. While majestic and culturally significant, these trees had reached a point where their health and structural integrity were compromised. Safety concerns were paramount, as some branches showed signs of decay, posing a risk to visitors, gravestones, and nearby structures.


  • The Solution: Sectional Dismantling for Preservation

Our commitment to preserving the history and sanctity of the cemetery led us to choose sectional dismantling as the preferred method. This approach would allow us to systematically remove the compromised branches while preserving the core of the trees, thereby ensuring their continued presence in the cemetery.


Implementation: A Delicate Operation

  • Thorough Assessment: Before commencing any work, our team of certified arborists conducted a comprehensive assessment of each tree. This involved identifying diseased or structurally compromised branches and evaluating the overall health of the trees.
  • Selective Pruning: We began by selectively pruning and removing the compromised branches, taking great care to minimise the impact on the trees’ aesthetics and shape. This approach maintained the trees’ historical charm.
  • Sectional Dismantling: In stages, we removed larger sections of the trees, always preserving the core and main trunk. Rigging techniques ensured controlled lowering of each section, preventing damage to gravestones and surrounding structures.
  • Protection Measures: Throughout the operation, we placed protective barriers around sensitive areas, such as historic gravestones, to prevent accidental damage.
  • Cleanup and Respect: After the sectional dismantling, we ensured that the cemetery was left clean and respectful, with all debris removed.


Success: Preserving Heritage and Safety

Through the meticulous execution of sectional dismantling, New Romney Tree Surgeons successfully addressed the safety concerns while preserving the heritage and beauty of the historic cemetery and removing compromised branches allowed for improved light and airflow within the cemetery, promoting the health of the remaining trees and creating a safer environment for visitors.


Conclusion: The case study of the historic cemetery highlights the importance of balancing preservation with safety in tree care operations. At New Romney Tree Surgeons, we are dedicated to safeguarding our community’s cultural heritage and natural environment. By choosing sectional dismantling and adhering to rigorous assessment and safety protocols, we ensure that our tree care services contribute positively to preserving our local history and the safety of all who visit these sacred grounds.

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